Our production: a complete cycle under the banner of quality


By your side, from co-design to the finished product

We are at your disposal to provide consultation and advice in the creation of your product, with a precision and competence that can only be ensured by long experience and passion for what we do.


In-house casting, synonymous with quality assurance

The shrewd choice to manage the entire production process, right from the casting stage, allows us to achieve the product in a flexible and fast manner, meticulously controlling the quality and titre of the alloy.


In-house moulding for total control

In order to give shape to the precious material with extreme precision, we make the necessary equipment for moulding ourselves: in this way we have total control over the shapes, details and quantities that can be produced.


Craftsmanship and technology, together on the road to perfection

We are proud of our past, but we are looking to the future: the production process alternates craftsmanship and skill with state-of-the-art automated processes.


Perfect single pieces for a perfect bracelet

Thanks to the strength of the steel tools, drawing allows us to work the gold with extreme precision and to reduce it to perfect small pieces that, welded together, will then form the Salin bracelet.


Unique, certified cases to withstand the test of time

Each case is assembled in rooms with ionised air, to minimise the presence of dust, and subjected to strict tests to ensure its impermeability and perfection.


The manual magic of assembly

In addition to the precision of the machines, manual skills and precision are essential in every step: in assembly and polishing, in particular, our strength lies in our experience and passion.


Masterly woven Milan mesh

An ancient technique for an extremely elegant, resistant and timeless product: Milan mesh is a treasure that we have been making for decades and that we still enjoy creating today.


Certifying quality with continuous controls

Thanks to detailed tests, we check the durability and tightness of the components on a sample basis; every single closure is subjected to a snap test. But quality doesn’t just come at the end: to guarantee the perfect result, we monitor every step in the production process.


Designed jointly by our technical department, they are made with a sequence of moulding, turning and polishing, completely carried out…


In palladium or white gold, red gold or yellow gold. In the combination of precious metals and steel or in the most innovative alloys, our…


With two or three blades, micro-adjustable, cast in the strongest and most flexible alloys, designed by combining the…


The counter-melody of the case, echoing the same metal, logos, symbols and style. In more than sixty years, we have designed and…

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