Production of cases, bracelets and buckles for luxury watches - SALIN 1953
Production of cases, bracelets and buckles for luxury watches - SALIN 1953


Our production: a complete cycle under the banner of quality

Quality and control are much more than simple words, they are principles that are applied every day to the entire production process, carried out entirely in-house, from the study of the design to the final control of gold bracelets, cases, closures and buckles for watches.

All the processes, checks and finishes are carried out in-house according to strict procedures that guarantee the very high quality of the products. That is why, to provide customers always and only with the best solutions on the market, the investment in technology is continuous and is one of the most important keys to the success of our offer.

Production of cases, bracelets and buckles for luxury watches - SALIN 1953


From the design to the prototype: every design is born and grows in the company

In order to make the prototypes of the models requested by our customers in-house, we have obtained special instruments that enable us to produce 3D prototypes of the part that perfectly represent the end result.

Precision metal-working

State-of-the-art machines and manual skill

While maintaining the typical hand-crafting tradition that distinguishes our company, we combine the manual skill of our employees with state-of-the-art machines and tools that enable us to turn out a product of excellent quality, in its heart and in its details, for the most prestigious brands of watches.


The casting process: a constant strategic search for quality

Not just a process, but a continuous search for the best prealloys to use for each process, in collaboration with the certified company RJC, to guarantee the quality and colour of the precious materials that result from our casting process.

This process involves the casting of the gold supplied by the customer with the selected prealloys and it ends with the identification of the production batches and with the control of the titre. An in-house research and analysis laboratory and precise instruments enable us to check the titre ourselves, completely safeguarding the ownership of the customers’ designs.


Precise assemblies

The high-tech instruments available in our works and the great manual skill of our professionals specialised in assembly allow us to produce high-quality gold bracelets, case, closures and buckles for making fin watches.


Very high manual skills

After assembly our gold watch components are welded by our highly skilled personnel with the infinite patience of those who participate in the creation of a little masterpiece.

Special finishes of fine watch parts for luxury watches | SALIN 1953


Hand-crafted processing and special finishes

Thanks to the scrupulous work of the expert hands of our historic collaborators, we carry out in-house totally hand-crafted processes in addition to the automatic ones entrusted to the most modern mechanical instruments.