Components for top of the range watches since 1953 | SALIN 1953
Components for top of the range watches since 1953 | SALIN 1953

Our story

Founded in the old town centre of Vicenza as a small workshop for the production of gold bracelets for watches, today Salin is an independent company that produces gold components for top of the range watches. Housed in premises of 3000 square metres, our company employs about 60 people and, still under the name of its founder, carries on the tradition of collaboration with the third-generation family members.

1953 - 1963

Romeo Ermenegildo Salin, a man with a strong character, opened the activity in the heart of the old town of Vicenza, with eight workers including his wife and his children, Giancarlo and Gianna. Those were years of great sacrifices, but the rewards were not long in coming, and the fame of one of the best producers of gold watch straps began to spread nationwide.

1963 - 1973

The decade opened with the launch of a new commercial strategy that placed the company amongst the leading international players in top of the range watches. In 1968 Salin moved to the present premises in Longare, with its in-house mechanical workshop. In those years Gianni, the youngest of the Salin brothers, joined the company and was to strengthen its presence on the international scene.

1973 - 1983

The range grew to include gold watch cases in addition to the twenty-year production of straps. To ensure that product quality remained unchanged, Salin decided to involve a specialised consultant from Switzerland and an expert computer technician to install numerical control machines in the company: for those years, that was an absolute first in goldsmithery.

1983 - 1993

Those were the years of the revival of the world economy that encouraged entrepreneurs to invest in new products with optimism. The world’s most famous watch brands officially promoted Salin to suppliers of gold cases, combined with the already popular straps.
In those years, quality control became obsessive right from the very first stage of the production chain.

1993 - 2003

The solid foundation laid in the previous decades allowed the company to take off, achieving even greater results until 2000, when it reached 120 employees. Those were also the years when the third Salin generation entered the company, only to be faced with the economic crisis that began to afflict the markets.

2003 - 2013

The economic scenario required a new managerial strategy that was entrusted to an external consultant. Salin returned to grow on the market of gold straps and cases for the most important international brands of watches and, in 2008, was prepared and ready to face the second wave of the worldwide economic crisis. In 2009 the brothers Giuseppe and Gianmarco Zigliotto, Salin’s new partners, brought their managerial skills to the company with a new vision of “doing business” that enabled Salin to confirm its role as one of the best manufacturers in the sector.

From 2013 to the present day

The company continues to grow under the expert guidance of the Zigliotto brothers and with the heart and passion of Arianna, Chiara, Lorella and Alberto, grandchildren of the founder Romeo Ermenegildo.
The journey continues, the destination is the future marked by the value of the people who have made and continue to make Salin’s history.