Production of cases for luxury watches - SALIN 1953
Production of cases for luxury watches - SALIN 1953

The birth of a Salin watch case

Like a strong and proud treasure chest, the watch case, with its decisive and clear lines, encloses the mechanism of time as it passes.

Production of cases for luxury watches: being perfect is an ambition that not everyone can afford. Each Salin component tells a story of experience, skill and precision.


Art, whatever its form, starts from an idea: transforming the idea into reality requires a meticulous design in which experience, care for detail and attention to the customer make the difference.


With an accurate and almost primordial transformation, gold meets fire to assume those characteristics that allow it to be processed; it embraces silver, copper, palladium, it mixes with them, changes colour, reduces its purity but gains in ductility. Thanks to the magic of continuous casting, the control of the raw material is assured, to produce your design in total control.


Precision conditions quality: the best way to control it is to make with your own hands the instruments that will shape the gold to create a watch case. An essential job to achieve the goal quickly and without hesitation.
The creation of a Salin watch case is a story that takes us behind the scenes, where a thin wire can overcome the hardness of the metal, where every single mould is finished with infinite patience and perfected to win the challenge against the resistance of gold in the shearing phase.
Gold can only succumb to the hardness of the steel of the mould and begin to take on the appearance of a watch case.


This is where high technology blends with human knowledge: like an excellent strategist, the technician controls the machine and guides it, to arrive together at the goal of a piece ready for the final finishing.

Quality control

Polishing adds further beauty to the case, the engraving gives it an identity and makes it unique: its beauty dazzles the eyes, the magic seems to have been accomplished, but you must be objective and never stop testing, assessing and checking the quality. Only by testing yourself can you have the confirmation that you have crossed the finishing line.

Assembly and packaging

The case can finally be joined to the glass and, together at last, leave for another journey, in cosy and safe packaging, to be the tangible proof in your hands that Salin is the undisputed protagonist of the history of your high-range watches.

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