Production of bracelets for luxury watches - SALIN 1953
Production of bracelets for luxury watches - SALIN 1953

How a Salin bracelet is born

The bracelet, light and refined, fastens to the wrist those hours that will become years, for a strong and lasting choice that will not disappoint.

Production of bracelets for luxury watches: among the links of a Salin bracelet lies a story that tells of challenges and achievements, skilled craftsmen’s hands, cutting-edge technology and attention to detail.


The once-upon-a-time element of this story tells us about pure gold, a precious and refined metal, synonymous with purity and perfection, so proud of its essence that it bends to man’s will only thanks to the power of fire. Continuous casting, controlled by skilled craftsmen, allows accurate control of the entire transformation into a bracelet, starting from the raw material. Yellow, red or white, the new gold is subjected to strict controls, which verify its title and homogeneity. There can be no excuses, everything has to be perfect right from the start.


The bar of alloyed gold, after being checked, can continue its metamorphosis, like a caterpillar that will become a butterfly: rolling reduces the thickness of the material, while increasing its brilliance and homogeneity.
The precious material must now change shape: under the decisive action of the machines, the gold is shaped, little by little, by the steel equipment; it is then cut so that it is reduced to many pieces of a puzzle that will make up the final bracelet.

Quality control

The journey is coming to an end: the gold has resisted but has finally succumbed to the charm of the realization of an idea, changing in substance and form, dividing and then reuniting and becoming a bracelet. It has overcome hard tests and endless controls, and even now that the goal seems to have been reached, it is up to the machines and the critical eye to verify with strict precision that the quality is worthy of such beauty. A bracelet that can withstand time and everyday use can finally be called a Salin bracelet.

Assembly and packaging

Only skilled hands of craftsmen, who know this meticulous art and have infinite patience, can masterfully recompose the individual elements, in the correct combination and position, assembling, joining, welding, giving brilliance and splendour.
A result such as this deserves to be protected and pampered in cosy and safe packaging, to give you the definitive confirmation that you have found the supplier you seek for the realisation of your high-range watches.

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