Watch cases

Designed jointly by our technical department, they are made with a sequence of moulding, turning and polishing, completely carried out in-house just like all the other processes, starting from the casting of metals. Our flexibility of production ensures that we are able to satisfy even requests for a few tens of items intended to hold the most precious mechanisms.

Watch case with “Soleil” processing

“Soleil” processing of the bottom carried out on a watch case of 18 K gold. The central circular element is applied by means of meticulous welding. “Soleil” processing requires great precision, in both moulding and polishing.

Watch case obtained by shearing

Watch case made by shearing a sheet of 18K gold and then processing on a CNC machine. The watch case connections and the crown covers are screwed on.

Watch case obtained by coining

18K gold watch case obtained by coining and subsequent processing with a CNC machine. The bezel and the watch case are assembled by pressure.

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